Pendulum Asset Management, LLC, is a Registered Investment Advisor specializing in what we believe to be underappreciated high-yielding equity and preferred securities. We conduct deep fundamental research and analysis to construct client portfolios to strive to achieve both high income and capital appreciation.

Why Invest with Pendulum?

Pendulum was created to offer our target clientele, which are high net-worth individuals, family offices and institutional capital, an alternative portfolio allocation in what we believe are high-yielding securities. Our typical investments include mortgage REITs, BDCs (Business Development Companies) and certain preferred stock. We aim to make high-conviction, long-term investments in these misallocated and underappreciated securities to strive to earn our clientele high rates of return.

Traditionally, high-yielding securities carry additional risks and are more volatile relative to the market. However, our differentiating factor is that we utilize our internally developed methodology, focusing on business quality, asset quality, as well as management quality to help manage these additional risks.

Using our internal methodology, we aim to provide long-term value, income, and capital appreciation to our clients.

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